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BelGioioso Pepato Cheese Wedge
BelGioioso Pepato Cheese Wedge

Our Price: $7.99

Product Code: RWW-58612

BelGioioso Pepato cheese offers the ideal blend of creamy cheese and savory spice. Add a Belgioioso Pepato cheese wedge to your cheese plate for a delicious appetizer with vegetables and crackers or add to a salad to introduce a hint of peppery spice with tangy cheese. Pepato means “with pepper” and includes small peppercorns inside the cheese to mix with the nutty, earthy flavor. Like all of Belgioioso's mouthwatering cheeses, Pepato cheese is aged to perfection. With a creamy white color mixed with black peppercorns, a BelGioioso Pepato cheese wedge makes an appetizing and attractive addition to hors d'oeuvres, salads, steamed vegetables, breadsticks, cured meats and even sandwiches.

Available Sizes:
9-12 oz BelGioioso Pepato Cheese Wedge
2# BelGioioso Pepato Case of Random Weight
Cheese Wedges
5# BelGioioso Pepato Case of Random Weight
Cheese Wedges
6# BelGioioso Pepato
Cheese Quarter Wheel
10# BelGioioso Pepato Case of Random Weight
24-26# BelGioioso Pepato
Cheese Wheel

All Wheels ordered by noon on Thursday will be ready for shipment the following Monday. Your wheel is ordered specifically for you so you may request that it is cut into 4 quarters or 2 halves in the comments section!