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Hello everyone! Welcome to ArtisanPantry.com! On a personal note, I am pleased that you visited us today, and hope that the information and products found on our website become a means of inspiration and tasty eating for you, your family, and your guests.

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For many years, the great taste of BelGioioso cheeses could only be experienced in fine dining restaurants. For eight years Artisan Pantry has had the privilege of retailing this wide array of delicious gourmet cheese. And, thanks to all the wonderful customers who appreciate the best cheeses in the world, spread the word and keep our company and customer base growing.

Made in Wisconsin!

For generations, Wisconsin has maintained its status as “The Dairy State”. To this day, there is no other U.S. state that even comes close to the award winning cheeses, rich quality and tastes our fine state provides. And, it is our pleasure, at Artisan Pantry, to offer the finest gourmet cheeses and cheese products available in Wisconsin, to you our authentic customers! We greatly appreciate your patronage, and consider it a gift to be able to serve you. Grazie mille!

- Catherine