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Those who are passionate about chocolate know that it's not the sweetness that drives our craving. A true exotic chocolate connoisseur desires the perfect shine, the resounding snap, the uplifting bouquet, and yes, of course, the exquisite taste. Artisan Pantry.com would like to help you discover how chocolate is more than just a sweet, it's a treat for all your senses.

A divine specimen should have a beautiful, glossy shine which indicates a good temper. If you see that bright luster you'll know that there is a good bond between the cocoa butter and the cocoa mass of the chocolate bar. That bond is essential for the ultimate smooth taste.

How to enjoy gourmet chocolates and exotic chocolates:Listen for the crisp, ringing snap when you break a piece off the bar. Fine chocolate should be dry and silky, smooth to the touch.

Rub your thumb across the chocolate to warm it and release the arousing aroma. Subtle hints of spices and florals, caramels and fruits will bloom, supporting the chocolate's rich bouquet.
Keep the chocolate on your tongue and against the roof of your mouth. The chocolate should slowly melt across the taste buds of your tongue. As it melts you'll be treated to a long, lingering flavor of the earthy, richness of cacao. The smooth taste of chocolate allows you to recall the ghostly presence, across the ages, of the ancient Aztecs who brought us the priceless cacao.
If wine and chocolate pairing is what you have been searching for, ArtisanPantry.com provides wine suggestions by chocolate or chocolate suggestions for the wine you enjoy within each decadent product description.