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BelGioioso Kasseri Cheese Wedge
BelGioioso Kasseri Cheese Wedge

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Product Code: BKA-RW

BelGioioso Kasseri Cheese Wedge

Originally made in Greece and Bulgaria, BelGioiso brings Kasseri cheese wedges to your table using whole cow's milk and cultures sourced from the heart of America's dairy capital, Wisconsin. Using the same process that generations of farmers have used, BelGioiso brings out the finest flavors of Kasseri cheese. With a firm, smooth texture and piquant flavor, Kasseri cheese can be sliced or crumbled over appetizers or dinners to add a mix of sharp and savory. Kasseri cheese will hold its shape, so you can cook or gently sauté it for a mild, smoky taste and mix with olives, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles or cured meats to make tasty party appetizers.

Available Sizes:

1 9-11oz Random Weight Cheese Wedge
5# Case of Random Weight Cheese Wedges
10# Case of Random Weight Cheese Wedges

Special Order Sizes:
24-26# BelGioioso Kasseri Cheese Wheel

All Wheels ordered by noon on Thursday will be ready for shipment the following Monday. Your wheel is ordered specifically for you so you may request that it is cut into 4 quarters or 2 halves in the comments section!