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Italico WDG-Labottega 12/4oz EW (3 lb
Italico WDG-Labottega 12/4oz  EW  (3 lb

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BelGioioso Italico Cheese gets its creamy texture and earthy flavor from its careful blending and curing process. Made from fresh milk sourced from local farms, BelGioioso Italico cheese is made in small batches to capture the fullest flavor in each wedge. While it is aged for 90 days, the pink rind develops from hand washing with salt and water. The rind keeps the cheese fresh and holds the earthy flavor in until it is ready for use. BelGioioso Italico Cheese melts evenly into a velvety spread, or you can cut off slices of this soft cheese to add unique flavor and zing to sandwiches, paninis, pizzas, salads and more.

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